Residence in Ukraine

Temporary residence

Temporary residence allows you to stay in Ukraine for more than 90 days.
Also, temporary residence allows you to enter Ukraine without a visa.

Temporary residence does not lead to permanent residence or citizneship. 

Permanent residence

Permanent residence in Ukraine allows you to stay in Ukraine forever, gives you the right to work, get social payments, free medical treatment.

A permanent resident has almost the same rights as a citizen of Ukraine, but they can not vote and be elected to the governmental positions.

Permanent residence leads to citizenship after some period of time.

Temporary residence does not allow you:

  • work (unless you get work permit)
  • travel abroad like Ukrainian citizen
  • have social payments
  • do not lead to Permanent residence
  • do not lead to get citizenship

Permanent residence does not allow you:

  • travel outside of Ukriane like citizen of Ukraine