Permanent residence

Most common basis for Permanent residence:

Skilled immigration

Every beginning of the year ministries publish the list of specialists who are required in Ukraine and can be fulfilled by the immigration of foreigners


Require to make 100 000 USD investment into Ukrainian economy (company)

*Deposit on a personal bank account or real estate purchase does not qualify.

Family connections

  • Marriage with Ukrainian citizen for more than 2 years
  • Having a kid or parent as Ukrainain citizen
  • Having grandparents born in Ukraine or had Ukrainain citizenship
  • Full blood siblings of Ukrainian citiznes
  • Parents, spouses and kids of person who get permanent residence in Ukraine by himself

Ukrainian origin

If you were born in Ukraine, but didn’t get the citizenship.

Foreign Ukrainians

Foreign Ukrainians, spouses of foreign Ukrainians and their children


Guardians of Ukrainian citizens or are under guardianship of a Ukrainian citizen;

How to apply for Permanent residence?

  1. Collect all necessary documents (list depends from the basis you choose for application).
  2. Legalize them in a proper way to be acceptable in Ukraine
  3. Come personally to the immigration office or to the consulate of Ukraine in your country of living and submit application.

How we can help?


30 USD

Will define which way is the best for you to apply for Permanent residence, which documents is required and what is detailed procedure.

Collecting the documents

from 100 USD

Some of the documents can be arranged by us through the embassies.

We provide help in the legalization of the documents and their translation to Ukrainian language.

*Price depends on the amount of the documents, how exactly we need to legalize them and how many papers require translation.

Applying for PR

400 USD

Visit immigration office, submit papers, paying our service fee and government fees.