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If you have never been in post Soviet countries, or at least Ukraine and Russia, you will never know such problem as turning off hot water for half of the city. How come? For what reason? But this reason is very understandable for all post Soviet people.

But lets start from the beginning.

In Ukraine and Russia, all old houses (at least 15years old and more), are connected to central heating system. So somewhere in the city for maybe 10-15 thousands people there is one big heater which heat water for people. But every year somewhere in a very hot weather, in june, july, this big heater management make a decision to make some small check in heating system, which they called ‘planned work’, and turn off hot water for half of the city for 3 weeks.

So people need to heat this water by themselves somehow in pans, basins and other things.

Sure a lot of new houses, they have heater on the roof of house, some house owners has small heater in apartment, but it’s not always. SO if you are coming to Ukraine and going to rent apartment, or live in someone’s family, you can be ready for such “small problem’.



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