Do you plan your trip to Ukraine and want to hear some tips?
💡Ask locals, this is the best way!
This is what I did when I was traveling to USA! And what?
👉To know which kind of tips to give you, you need to understand what is exactly different in your country from others.. But how can you know if you have never been outside? 

I didn’t know any tips about Ukraine few years back as well.

But talking with many clients from different countries, I gather information and tips, and now I collect them all in one book.

🚫🚫🚫Don’t expect tones of information about history, sightseeing, places to go…. All this information is available in Google, Trip Advisor and other websites.

I am offering you selected, short and the most useful information✅✅✅, which you need to know preparing your trip to Ukraine. You will find a lot of links to ukrainian online services, which will help you with tickets, meeting locals, description of restaurants, secrets about renting apartments and so on!

So if you are looking to selected information about Ukraine – take my Reznikova’s Tips!



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