Our company helps to get temporary residence for foreigners in Ukraine.

There are several options how you can get a temporary residence permit with our company:

  1. Open company in Ukraine and based on that get a temporary residence.
  2. Get employed in Ukrainian company and get a temporary residence.
  3. Get work permit without getting employed in Ukrainian company.


Company formation

Company formation
1200 USD


  • Passport translation
  • Registering power of attorney
  • Tax ID number
  • Creating company charter
  • Submitting papers to governmental receptionist
  • Registration fee
  • Temporary address for company registration
  • Opening bank account
  • Work permit and employment
    800 USD
  • Temporary ukrainian director of company (before making owner a director)
  • Work permit
  • Government fee (450USD)
  • Changing Ukrainian director to non-resident director
  • Registration of agreement in Ukrainian unemployment department
  • Temporary residence
    250 USD
  • Temporary residence card
  • Assistance with Ukrainian registration



Employment in company

1800 USD


  • Work permit
  • Government fees
  • Translation of the passport
  • Official employment in the company
  • Taxes from the salary
  • Payment for accountant
  • Tax ID

    300 USD

  • Temporary residence card

Work permit

850 USD


  • Work permit
  • Translation of the passport
  • Notary fee
  • Government fees


  • Temporary residence card