If you are thinking about full immigration to Ukraine and have right to stay permanently, you should obtain immigration permit and apply for permanent residence based on that.

Grounds which allow you to obtain Immigration Permit

  1. Individuals working in the areas of science and culture, whose immigration would be in the interests of Ukraine;
  2. highly-skilled specialists and workers who would help fill the gaps in the Ukrainian economy and whose contribution would be appreciated;
  3. individuals who have made foreign investment in the Ukrainian economy in the foreign converted currency equivalent to at least 100,000 (one hundred thousand) USD, registered according to the procedure defined by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine;
  4. individuals who are full-blood sibling, grandparent or grandchild of a Ukrainian citizen;
  5. individuals who were formerly citizens of Ukraine;
  6. parents, spouses of immigrants and their minor children;
  7. individuals who continuously lived on the territory of Ukraine for the three years after they were recognized as victims of human trafficking;
  8. individuals who have served in the Armed Forces of Ukraine for three years and longer.

Don’t match any criteria?

Sometimes from the first look it looks like you are not eligible to apply for immigration permit.

But you should pay attention to the points texted in bold.

  1. Highlt-skilled specialist. Every year Ukraine is updating the list of professions who eligible to apply for imigration permit.

One of them were introduced recently, in February 2021, like Immigration permit for IT specialists.
People who has experience 3 and more years working as IT specialists, and their salary is more than 24000 usd per year, can apply for immigration permit directly.

There are other professions and conditions, so always good to check if you can immigrate based on your work experience.

2. Investing 100 000 EUR into Ukrainian economy. 

This amount is not a payment which you need to pay to Ukrainian government. This is money which you need to submit into bank account of the company (you can be the owner of the company) and apply for immigration permit based on investment.

Money is staying with you and you can use them in any way you want.

If you are still not sure how you can migrate to Ukraine, contact us in messengers and we will try to find the best way for you.

For immigration permit basically you need to submit:

  • copy of a document that certifies person’s identity and his/her legal stay on the territory of Ukraine;
  • document certifying person’s residence abroad and in Ukraine;
  • information about family composition, copy of marriage certificate (if the applicant is married);
  • document certifying that a person is not afflicted with chronic alcoholism, toxic substance or drug abuse, or infectious diseases the list of which is defined by the national healthcare authority (The demand is not used for people who are pointed at sections 1 and 3 of part 3 of Article 6 of The Law of Ukraine “On immigration”);
  • certificate about absence of convictions issued by the competent authority of the applicant’s country of former residence or its diplomatic mission in Ukraine (The demand is not used for people who are pointed at sections 1 and 3 of part 3 of Article 6 of The Law of Ukraine “On immigration”);
  • documents defined in the Law of Ukraine on Immigration, according to the category of immigrant

Preparing your documents for immigration permit – 700 usd
Applying with you in migration department – 200 usd