Sightseeing tours

Are you looking for a guide in Ukraine? We will organize your trip and will make you love Ukraine much more!


Are you looking for personal assistant in Ukraine? We can help you with all your deals in Ukraine and you will find it very easy!

Dating tours

Are you looking to meet Ukrainian girl while visiting a country? We have special offer for you! Come to Ukraine and get to know local women as well!

Personal Dating Adviser

Are you talking with Ukrainian girl and have some doubts if she is not scamming you? Olga Reznikova will help you to verify the facts! What is the cost of passport, why she don't have computer or phone, why she don't want to meet: all this questions can be answered after first consultation.

Business research services

Need to find a future business partners? Have some ideas of investment? Do you need to search for specific type of information? We are ready to do that! Request our consultation and get all answers.

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