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Business consulting

If you are interested to run the business in Ukraine, but you are not sure which kind of business to start, or how to start a business in Ukraine – we propose you business consultation.

Our professionals can advice you good business as per your budget, field or just consult you about situation in Ukraine.

Business consulting options:

  • Business advices as per budget (business for 5 000 usd, 10 000 usd, 1000000 usd and so on)
  • Business advices as per field
  • Marketing research
  • Support of the process of business establishment.

From 200 usd

*Price depends from the project and scope of work.

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Work permit

If you are foreigner and you want to work in Ukraine (even in your own company), you need to obtain a work permit.

This is the paper which is issued by government, and allow you to work in specific company on specific position.

Work permit can be issued for 1,2 or 3 years.

If you are looking for residence in Ukraine, work permit can be the way to get it.

How to get work permit in Ukraine

Work permit are given for the specific person, specific company and specific position in the company. With one work permit you can work only in one company.

So if you want to get it, you should have a company which want to hire you, or create your own company.

If you want to obtain work permit, we need to have documents from company which will hire you  (or your own company documents), and copy of your passport.

No documents of education or work experience are required.

Alvin, USA.

Anil, India. Hindi

Basit, Pakistan, English version.

Chirag, India. Hindi version.

Mustafa and Mohsin from Pakistan, English.

Chirag and Jay from India. English

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Company registration

We understand that as a foreigner you have a lot of questions and difficulties to register business in Ukraine. You have to obtain certain papers and permissions, find an address for registration, find a temporary director for the company and deal with government offices, which for sure don’t speak English.


But don’t worry! We have very qualified lawyers and with our support all those problems will not bother you at all.

3 easy steps to get your company registered:

Power of Attorney

Just make a notarized power of attorney from your country or come personally with passport copy. That’s enough to start procedure for business registration. No other documents needed.

1 week

We will handle obtaining all necessary documents to get your company registered. Give us a week of time.

Receive your documents

That’s it! Your company is on the governmental registrar and you have your Company Registration document in your hands!

900 usd

600 usd


  • Passport translation
  • Tax ID number
  • Company charter creation
  • Submitting papers to governmental receptionist
  • Registration fees
  • Temporary address for company registration
  • Temporary Ukrainian director for the company
  • Opening bank account

The list of documents which we need from you is quite simple:

  1. If you are in Ukraine, just bring a passport copy with you.
  2. If you are not in Ukraine, we will send you the text of power of attorney. and you need to notarize it and do apostille. Then send to us a hard copy and here we go!
Can I own company as a foreigner 100%?
Yes, you can be owner of the company.

Can I be a director of my company?

Yes, after you will get work permit to work in Ukraine as a director. Before that, the director must be a person who has work permit in Ukraine already (or Ukrainian citizen).
Can I get residence because of company formation in Ukraine?
No, you can get it only if you will be an employee in your company. Being just owner will not give you right to apply for temporary residence.
When I can get a temporary residence, if I will open company?

Ukrainian director apply for work permit for you. It can be done in 15 days.

Then you take that paper and go to Ukrainian embassy to issue the visa Type D. It take 10 days.

After you arrive to Ukraine with visa type D, we apply for temporary residence based on your employment in your own company. During 10 days you will get a temporary residence card.

Do I need to come to Ukraine for company registration?
It is not necessary. If you are not present in Ukraine, you can make notarial power of attorney on our representative and send it to Ukraine. We will do all the process for you.

Alvin, USA.

Anil, India. Hindi

Basit, Pakistan, English version.

Chirag, India. Hindi version.

Mustafa and Mohsin from Pakistan, English.

Chirag and Jay from India. English