Hi everyone! My name is Olga, And I am here to help you understand that you are getting scammed. Do you found that you are corresponding with nice Ukrainian girl, but she is very poor and don't have a smartphone? That's why you can not have video chat? Or maybe she need some financial help from you, as you claim that you have serious intentions? Or maybe she is dreaming to come to you but she need money to make a passport?

Actually there is nothing weird at all with your talks, you are just paying for every letter from her, and she can not move your correspondence to email...
Well, well, well... Congrats! Most likely you are scammed. But all this red flags are very obvious and it's not really hard to recognize them. What if scammers are using more mature and unique ways? What is they are scamming you for years, promising you love, but at the end you will get nothing, just broken heart?
Avoid it!
Use help of personal dating adviser and make sure the girl you are talking with has at least real intentions! Don't let them scam yourself!
First of all I propose you to watch few of my videos,which I hope will help you a lot!
But if you need my personal consultation - you are always welcome!

Who is Personal Dating Adviser?

As I already working in "dating scammer" field for 3 years, I discover a lot of tricks which scammers are using and can easily recognize their way of talking. You contact me and discuss any issues you face in a comfortable environment. During the first email, I will ask you about the problems you face. Instead of wasting money or worrying near computer along, I will give you chance to tell me all your thoughts. After the first session, I will suggest things you can do at home and recommend next steps.
Stop waste your time and money! Hire a counselor to clarify your relationship!
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Email: reznikova712@gmail.com


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