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For registration  a marriage with a foreigner  is important to submit a certain package of documents to the regional department of state registration of civil status acts:

  • passport document (passport of both parties, where the passport of foreigner must be translated into Ukrainian with a notarial certificate, it is important to translate all pages);
  • Certificate of termination of previous marriage, obviously if it was (if such a document was issued in a foreign state it should be legalized and translated into Ukrainian );
  • a receipt for payment of a state duty;

It is worth remembering that since 2016  service is provided as a “marriage for a day”. On the practical side, without the help of lawyers, in one day to marry a foreigner – it is impossible.

Because, for a foreigner, the package of documents that must be submitted to the RACS, is much bigger than for a Ukrainian. For collecting all these documents you need at least 7 work days.

It is not a complicated procedure for marriage registration with a foreigner per day.

You need to properly prepare a package of documents, come with them in the registration office, and after brief communication with the head of the regional registration offices, the information about the foreigner is sent to the migration service  for checking whether the foreigner  is lawfully living in Ukraine.

This verification process will take approximately 6-10 work days. Only after that you can fill out an application and sign  an agreement with the company that implements the project “marriage for a day.”

Only after that, you will be able to get married and the next day to take the certificate of registration of the marriage.

As soon as this marriage union is registered, you can issue a temporary residence permit, and then, after two years of marital life, you can obtain a permanent residence permit. For what you only need to contact the local department of the migration service.

Features of making a marriage with a foreigner

It is worth considering that when registering a marriage with a foreigner has its own peculiarities. It is necessary to take into account all the intricacies of legislation, since they will depend on how quickly and effectively a person can get the status of legal marriage. For this reason, it is imperative to apply to an experienced lawyer to consult with all the necessary information. Also, our lawyers will accompany you to all government agencies in order to speed up the procedure in the shortest terms.

The law provides  that the marriage must be genuine. In this case, it is necessary to ensure that each spouse really   relationships, and not for the benefit. The fact is that in every state it is mandatory to check the marriage process, in order to avoid false or false marriages.

However, despite the ban, fictitious marriages with foreigners are very common. Their essence is that, for example, Ukrainians marry citizens of other countries, and after the marriage they get permission to permanent residence or even the citizenship of this state. Despite this tendency, very often foreigners are ready to marry Ukrainian citizens for immigration to Ukraine.

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