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I am used to think that I have a small YouTube channel and some really nice and awesome followers, who like to watch my videos and like my ideas. But when I start to think that my YouTube channel already reach 46k subscribers, I think I can claim that it’s kind of popular and successful blog! So how to make it successful? I think I know few secrets which I want to share with you.

  1. Make unique content. Yes, you can find this advice everywhere, but I can explain more. When I was thinking how to start my YouTube channel and what to make it about, I did a lot of investigation. I was thinking to make English lessons for Ukrainians, than I found that YouTube is full of it and I don’t think I can propose something extra. Than I was thinking maybe to teach foreigners how to speak Russian. But there was also so many videos like that. So I was thinking: ‘What about Ukrainian language?”. I did a search and I found nothing. And it was my first video on my channel – about Ukrainian language. It started from there.
    In my other channel, which I have in Russian and it’s about parenting, I had almost the same story. When I was pregnant, I was searching a lot of information about baby delivery and other things, which I can not find. I found them in books, and later did in videos. My first video in short term reach almost 300k views… I think it’s good success. SO if I was searching about this information and found nothing in YouTube, maybe other people is searching as well! This is how you can get ideas what to tell in your videos!
  2. Make interesting content. I don’t know how for you, but for me it was always annoying when I see the title of the video; “How to cut piece of video”, but when I click on it I watch 5 minutes how this guy is opening program when he wants to show how to cut a video. Boring. For sure this one will not be my favorite.
  3. Be patient.  If you are sure that content which you are laming are demanding on youtube, and you are making interesting videos – just be patient. You can not start channel today and tomorrow reach 1million views. It ‘s all require time and efforts. I made a first video, and I did a second video after 6 month. Than I started to make more and more, and I started to get more and more response from people. This is what inspired me!

Sure you need to check trends, popular videos, topics and so on, but for me I found that this 3 secrets was the most important!

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