Employment in a Ukrainian company

Foreign citizens can get temporary residence card in Ukraine based on employment in a Ukrainian company.

For that, employers need to apply for the Labour office and get permission to employ foreign citizens (mostly known as work permit paper).

Based on this paper, foreigners can apply for visa D-04 and later for a residence card.

If a foreigner does not have an employer who wants to hire him for a job, we propose to create his own company and use his own company for employment.

Which documents required to start the process?

Start from the home country

  1. Fill the Power of attorney form.
  2. Get notarized Power of attorney and passport copy.
  3. Send both documents for an apostille or legalization in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ukrainian consulate.
  4. Send documents to us by courier.

Start in Ukraine

  1. Scan of the first passport page and page which shows the stamp of crossing the border.
  2. Meet at the notary’s office and sign the power of attorney.

    Note: in the moment of signing power of attorney you must stay legally in Ukraine.
    If you are overstayed your 90-days period or your visa expired, you will not be able to do this process.

How long does the process take?

The process from the opening company to getting TRC cards takes a lot of stages, so here is what you will do and what will be done on your behalf:

Required from you

  1. Prepare documents for Power of Attorney and send them to us.
  2. Apply for visa after all papers are ready – usually takes from 1 week to 1 month.
  3. Come to Ukraine to get temporary residence card – 20 days.

Done by us

  1. Translating your documents, applying for Tax Id and creating comapny – up to 10 days.
  2. Applying for work permit – up to 20 days.
  3. Sending all document by courier for you.
  4. Applying with you for TRC – up to 20 days.

* We are saying “up to” because this is the time that government takes to issue documents. Sometimes it can be governmental holidays, some delays because of lockdown, or any other reasons. So that is the time you need to consider.

How much does it cost?

800 USD
Stage 1

Company formation


  • Translation fees
  • Governmental fees
  • Our service fees
  • Notary fees
  • Tax ID
  • Employing temporary director
  • Creating company charter
  • Registering company in the governmental registrar
  • Using our address as your office address.

1250 USD
Stage 2

Work permit


  • Applying for permission to employ the foreign citizen for 3 years
  • Officially employing you in the company
  • Governmantal fees
  • Our service fees

400 USD
Stage 3

Temporary residence card


  • Medical insurance for 3 years
  • Temporary residence card
  • Governmental fees
  • Our services fees

Additional fees you may have:

  • Courier fees
  • Visa fees
  • Apartment and flight tickets costs
  • Covid insurance fees (if you arenot vaccinated, you may require additional insurance for travel)
  • Registration in apartment fees (after get TRC, you need to register the place of your living with the government)
  • Permanent office address