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Older people still remember USSR instead of Russian, Ukraine and other countries and they know that people was poor and wild. So what is the main difference between Ukraine and USSR? I didn’t grown up in USSR, so it’s jst my opinion. please don’t quote me on that. See my list:

  1. Lack of goods. It was hard to buy a toilet paper even, so you understand… what you can thing about nice cosmetics, home appliances, furniture…  If now you want to buy a TV, you just need to choose which one you want to buy and than just earn money for that. In USSR you don’t have problem of choice. You save money, than sign up for queue, and when in one year the queue reach to you, you can go to show and buy that TV which will be available.
    For food it took less time. Just few hours in queue and you have milk, bread, soap or what you want.  Sure if it was available in the shop.
    Actually it was really a big problem. USSR didn’t import anything form other countries, and they didn’t produce anything for people also, because they was always preparing themselves for war. So all production was for war + maybe something for people.
  2. Bad service. They never smile to you in shop and ask: do you need some help? If you want to buy – give money. If you don’t want to buy – better for us. Go to hell. There was lack of products, don’t forget. Or come to restaurant and they give you dirty plate. Don’t like something – free the table.
  3. People was more proud of achievements of the USSR than their own achievements. You have to be proud that USSR was first in space, won the WW2, feed everybody around (other countries). SO if they ask you what are you proud of, you need to say that. You can not say that I am proud that I did some invention, or I have a good career. Good career? How you can think about career at all! It was really bad.
  4. No private business. Everything belong to country. You can’t have your own business or own a plant.
  5.   There was no freedom of talk. You can not criticize communistic party in any case. You can not make strike and demand some bonuses or some changes. It was not acceptable at all. Nowadays in Ukraine you can tell and criticize as much as you can.

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