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So many people is asking me for cost of coffeeshop in Ukraine, so I decided to make a small calculation and give the answer in one video how much it can cost.

Coffeeshops in general are very popular and profitable in Ukraine, so if someone is thinking about some business, it can be good idea.

Cost of Coffeeshop consist of 2 parts: equipment, which cost everywhere the same amount and cost of rent of place, which is different from the city and size.

So let’s start from equipment.

  1. Coffee machine – sure you can check which one you want and see the price, but in general it’s from 1,5$ for small coffeeshop and around2.5-5$ for bigger coffeeshop, and up to crazy amount of money.
  2. Coffee grinder. From 350$ and more.
  3. Water filter, to make it more soft – from 150$
  4. Mixer (for milkshakes and other drinks) – around 400$.
  5. Fridge for milk, ice – 150$.
  6. Coffee cups – 10 000 cups  – 160$
  7. Bar counter – 120$.

It’s very very basic things which you may need for coffeeshop.

Now about renting place. I am showing you real examples.

First let’s talk about Kiev
70sq. m in downtown – 1300$ per month.

28sq.m not in downtown- 200$ per month

5sq.m in downtown – 170$ per month

Not in Kiev:

35sq.m in downtown – 450$

69sq.m not in downtown – 450$ per month


now you can see how much it will cost you approximately to make a coffeeshop.

But actually I found a lot of advertisement, where you can take ready coffeeshop for rent already with all equipment.

See examples in Kiev:

850$ per month with all equipment and furniture.

Or with option to buy a ready business from 3000$.

Today I will not make you final calculation, as you see it’s vary, but I hope you will get a general idea. If you need my professional help, you can always write me to for more questions.


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