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How much would it cost to spend one month in Ukraine? Sure everybody will agree that it depends form your lifestyle, but lets calculate 2 options: very economical and more luxury.

Economical option

  1. Renting apartment in airbnb near subway – 18$ per day, or 540$ per month.
  2. Transportation: 2 times a day by public transport will cost you 11$ per month.
  3. Food. Simple things with home cooking – from 150$ per month.
  4. Museums, open festivals^ city activities – 20$ per month.
  5. Data plan – 7$
    In total it will cost you 728$ per month.

Luxury option

1.Let’s say you are renting one room apartment in airbnb in the downtown, 37$ per night or 1110$ per month.

2. Transportation 2 times a day by taxi will cost you 250$ per month.

3. Food: 2 times a day in restaurant if you will buy salad and one main dish – 650$ per month.

4. Night club once a week – 100$

5. karaoke, bowling, billiard and other things – 200$.

6. Data plan- 7$
In total we have 2317$.
P.S. For sure if you will live for at least 3 month, or better longer, you can rent apartment at least 50% cheaper – starting form 400$.

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