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Permanent residence permit

If a person plans to live for a long time on the territory of Ukraine, then a special permit from the state will be required for this. A residence permit gives you the right to live in Ukraine officially, but also requires certain rules.

How to obtain a permanent residence permit?

The law defined two main groups of persons who have the opportunity to obtain a permanent residence permit for a foreigner in Ukraine. The first includes those who have quotas, and the second includes immigrants without a quota. Who comes up with the first group?

  1. Representatives of culture.
  2. Specialists of high qualification.
  3. A person who has invested in Ukraine not less than one hundred thousand dollars of the United States of America.
  4. Relatives of a citizen.
  5. Husband and children of eighteen years of the person receiving permanent residence.
  6. Refugees three years after receiving asylum.

The list of those who don’t have quotas includes such groups of people who have a state interest. Each case is considered separately, but with the competent compilation of documents there is a high probability of receiving this document in the shortest possible time.

What are the benefits of a permanent residence permit in Ukraine?

The most important advantage of obtaining a certificate is that a person can come to Ukraine as soon as it is convenient. From now on, the terms of stay are no longer limited to 90 days and it is not necessary to make visas for entry into Ukraine. And also there is no need at all to get an appropriate permit at work placement.

Permanent residence opens up new opportunities. You can forget about the regular payment of the consular fee, about spending money on the medical insurance. As a result, a person will be tangible savings.

All these advantages open up a lot of new opportunities while living in Ukraine. However, each situation has its own characteristics, so there are always some questions about this. To find answers  for questions, you can consult our specialists on the phone numbers indicated on the site.

Is it possible to issue a residence permit if the person is outside the migration quota?

In addition to those who are granted a permit for immigration within the established quota, the legislation has grounds for the presence of which the residence permit is not limited to the quota.

These include:

  • marriage with a citizen of Ukraine, which lasted two years or more;
  • relatives of the first generation who are Ukrainian citizens;
  • Ukrainian diaspora or foreigners with confirmed roots in our country (foreign Ukrainians);
  • persons who are territorially from Ukraine;
  • foreign guardians or trustees who can documented the trusteeship or guardianship of Ukrainian citizens;
  • foreigners whose stay in Ukraine is important for Ukraine’s foreign and domestic policy.

All of these nuances can be further elucidated by our lawyer, or you can consult with the Migration Service. Each case is unique, and therefore it is necessary to correctly approach this question.

List of documents for issuing a permanent residence permit in Ukraine

  • passport (original for presentation);
  • Notarized translation of the passport page where the information about the person is indicated;
  • a permit for immigration (a copy of it must be submitted);
  • it is desirable to issue a visa type – D (optional);
  • a receipt for payment of state duty;
  • 4 photos 3.5 x 4.5 cm on a matte basis.

Verification of the submitted documents will continue during the first week, as a result, a decision is made to grant or refuse to provide a permanent residence permit.

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Difference between Ukraine and USSR

Older people still remember USSR instead of Russian, Ukraine and other countries and they know that people was poor and wild. So what is the main difference between Ukraine and USSR? I didn’t grown up in USSR, so it’s jst my opinion. please don’t quote me on that. See my list:

  1. Lack of goods. It was hard to buy a toilet paper even, so you understand… what you can thing about nice cosmetics, home appliances, furniture…  If now you want to buy a TV, you just need to choose which one you want to buy and than just earn money for that. In USSR you don’t have problem of choice. You save money, than sign up for queue, and when in one year the queue reach to you, you can go to show and buy that TV which will be available.
    For food it took less time. Just few hours in queue and you have milk, bread, soap or what you want.  Sure if it was available in the shop.
    Actually it was really a big problem. USSR didn’t import anything form other countries, and they didn’t produce anything for people also, because they was always preparing themselves for war. So all production was for war + maybe something for people.
  2. Bad service. They never smile to you in shop and ask: do you need some help? If you want to buy – give money. If you don’t want to buy – better for us. Go to hell. There was lack of products, don’t forget. Or come to restaurant and they give you dirty plate. Don’t like something – free the table.
  3. People was more proud of achievements of the USSR than their own achievements. You have to be proud that USSR was first in space, won the WW2, feed everybody around (other countries). SO if they ask you what are you proud of, you need to say that. You can not say that I am proud that I did some invention, or I have a good career. Good career? How you can think about career at all! It was really bad.
  4. No private business. Everything belong to country. You can’t have your own business or own a plant.
  5.   There was no freedom of talk. You can not criticize communistic party in any case. You can not make strike and demand some bonuses or some changes. It was not acceptable at all. Nowadays in Ukraine you can tell and criticize as much as you can.
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4 apps to learn foreign language (Ukrainian/Russian) as well

👉1. Duolingo. It’s totally free app, but you can subscribe for Duolingo Plus to learn everything without advertisement. I guess this is the most popular app for studying language. If you already know the language a little bit, they can propose you to make test to see what is your level, and than start to develop your knowledge. There are many levels, actually very helpful really.

👉2. iTalki – this is service where you can talk with native speakers. Btw, also it is the way to make money for somebody who is searching for language teaching job. I will not tell you this is the way to get to know Ukrainian girls. This is not free, you need to pay for every lesson. But if you are really focusing to study Ukrainian or develop any other language, this is a great option. You choose the best price, teacher and time for your lessons and go ahead!
👉3. HelloTalk. Nice app as well, but not for learning from zero. You need to have some idea about language, and here you can improve your language skills. You can learn by chatting with native speakers for free, search for language exchange partners.

👉4. Memrise. Unfortunately they don’t have Ukrainian language yet, they have Russian. But it is pretty good app, where you can find not only traditional language, but many local words, slang and so on.

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Guide in Kiev, Ukraine

We can provide you guide, who will help you to manage your things in Kiev.

Maybe you need to go and check few restaurants? Or you just want to visit few nice shopping centers, and you need a local to assist you?

We are happy to provide you a guide in Kiev who will help you with all the things.

Price is 15 USD per hour.

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Do Ukrainians speak Russian?

Do Ukrainians speak Russian?

– Yes, all Ukrainians understand Russian. So if you h=are going to Ukraine with knowledge of Russian, you will be fine, don’t worry.

Now lets talk a little bit more.

Ukrainian and Russian languages are not the same. They are similar, because they belong to Slavic family, together with Polish, Czech, Slovenian and others. All people from Slavic countries somehow can get the idea of what they are talking about even without knowing the language.

But as Ukraine historically was a part of USSR, where official language was Russian, so everybody studied this language at school.

Nowadays in Ukraine official language is Ukrainian. And all official documents, schools are in Ukrainian. But still there are a lot of Russian media, Russian speaking people, and other language sources, so every Ukrainian, even if they never study this language, they start to know it in passive way. And as a result, everybody understand it.

Does everybody speak Russian? Well, still you can have situation when you ask people in Russian, but they answer you in Ukrainian. And it’s not because they are very patriotic. Just they don’t use it in life, and even if they understand it, it’s easier to answer in Ukrainian.

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Cost of living in Ukraine, Kiev for 1 month

How much would it cost to spend one month in Ukraine? Sure everybody will agree that it depends form your lifestyle, but lets calculate 2 options: very economical and more luxury.

Economical option

  1. Renting apartment in airbnb near subway – 18$ per day, or 540$ per month.
  2. Transportation: 2 times a day by public transport will cost you 11$ per month.
  3. Food. Simple things with home cooking – from 150$ per month.
  4. Museums, open festivals^ city activities – 20$ per month.
  5. Data plan – 7$
    In total it will cost you 728$ per month.

Luxury option

1.Let’s say you are renting one room apartment in airbnb in the downtown, 37$ per night or 1110$ per month.

2. Transportation 2 times a day by taxi will cost you 250$ per month.

3. Food: 2 times a day in restaurant if you will buy salad and one main dish – 650$ per month.

4. Night club once a week – 100$

5. karaoke, bowling, billiard and other things – 200$.

6. Data plan- 7$
In total we have 2317$.
P.S. For sure if you will live for at least 3 month, or better longer, you can rent apartment at least 50% cheaper – starting form 400$.

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Cost of small coffeeshop in Ukraine

So many people is asking me for cost of coffeeshop in Ukraine, so I decided to make a small calculation and give the answer in one video how much it can cost.

Coffeeshops in general are very popular and profitable in Ukraine, so if someone is thinking about some business, it can be good idea.

Cost of Coffeeshop consist of 2 parts: equipment, which cost everywhere the same amount and cost of rent of place, which is different from the city and size.

So let’s start from equipment.

  1. Coffee machine – sure you can check which one you want and see the price, but in general it’s from 1,5$ for small coffeeshop and around2.5-5$ for bigger coffeeshop, and up to crazy amount of money.
  2. Coffee grinder. From 350$ and more.
  3. Water filter, to make it more soft – from 150$
  4. Mixer (for milkshakes and other drinks) – around 400$.
  5. Fridge for milk, ice – 150$.
  6. Coffee cups – 10 000 cups  – 160$
  7. Bar counter – 120$.

It’s very very basic things which you may need for coffeeshop.

Now about renting place. I am showing you real examples.

First let’s talk about Kiev
70sq. m in downtown – 1300$ per month.

28sq.m not in downtown- 200$ per month

5sq.m in downtown – 170$ per month

Not in Kiev:

35sq.m in downtown – 450$

69sq.m not in downtown – 450$ per month


now you can see how much it will cost you approximately to make a coffeeshop.

But actually I found a lot of advertisement, where you can take ready coffeeshop for rent already with all equipment.

See examples in Kiev:

850$ per month with all equipment and furniture.

Or with option to buy a ready business from 3000$.

Today I will not make you final calculation, as you see it’s vary, but I hope you will get a general idea. If you need my professional help, you can always write me to [email protected] for more questions.

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Are Ukraine and Russia the same?

Ukraine and Russia. Is that the same country? Or what is Ukraine exactly: region, old name, part, country?

Well, for the most impatient guys I will answer: Ukraine is an independent country.

Now lets go into more deep explanation.

During all historical period Russia and Ukraine was changing their borders, names of country and form of country. In 20 century both Russia, Ukraine and other countries was the part of Soviet Union with the center in Moscow.  But even in this Union both of them was like independent countries with their borders.

When Soviet Union collapsed (in 1991), we got countries called Ukraine, Russia and others.

Now Ukraine and Russia are 2 countries, and they are neighbors.

Official language in Ukraine is Ukrainian, In Russia – Russian. This is not the same, it’s 2 different languages.

Russia and Ukraine has different traditions and different national look.

You will find all souvenirs in both countries is different.

In Russia this is matroshka, samovar, vodka. From Ukraine it is pysanka, bulava, motanka, vyshyvanka. This is the things how you for sure can differentiate Ukraine from Russia.

Ukraine and Russia has different visa policies for foreigners: Ukraine doesn’t require visa from Americans, Canadians and European citizens. Russia demand visa from them all.