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Why you shouldn’t invest in trendy business ideas in Ukraine?

Which business is good in Ukraine? What is the trendy business in Ukraine and which business is good?

This is one of the most popular questions which we receive from our potential clients are we really believe that 95% of them should not really think about making such investments. Why? Let’s think about it together.

What is a trendy business?

This is a business that started some time ago, and because it is good and most likely very profitable, more and more people are getting engaged in it and catching the market trend.

Trendy business can appear because of many reasons. For example, there are some changes in low, which lead to some good opportunities to make money. Or some other facts happened, which lead to some business growth and whatever. So actually it is some opportunity which recently appears and the one who is in the beginning of this trend with definitely get the biggest benefits,

Which business in trendy in Ukraine?

The answer to this question is very desirable, but not to be able to invest in it as well, but just to know which business you shouldn’t consider or still can do but with much fewer expectations.

Let us just tell you a couple of examples, so you can understand why it is not a good idea for foreigners to think about trendy business ideas.

Import American cars to Ukraine

If you would have such an idea in 2016 – you would earn so much money in Ukraine with almost zero competition.

But now…. well, don’t think about it anymore.

So what is the point of business? The point is to buy car from American auctions, where you can really find it for a super cheap price, but yes, it would be damaged. Find a car which is easy to repair, like change the doors, food, replace some items and you can buy let’s say 3 years old car full size (let’s say some Toyota), for 4000 USD. Ship it to Ukraine, do all kinds of customs clearance (which depends on the cost which you paid for the car), do repair and your expenses will reach to 8000-9000 USD. The market price of the same Toyota in Ukraine is 20000 USD. Ok, lets say you will be honest and say I had a little accident and replace the door. so you will give a discount for the person and sell it for 18 000 usd. So basically, you made about 10 000 usd in one car. Isn’t it an attractive business idea?

Sure it is! So that’s why so many people start doing such business and advertising such cars.

What happened with the market?

First, customers start understanding that the initial cost of those cars is very small, so they would not agree to buy it anymore with the same cost as you can buy a normal used car from Ukraine. So basically prices for such Toyota drop from 18000 to 15000 usd. Still good. So more and more people start doing such business, bringing cars from USA and market got a way more proposals than demand.

So what is happening after? Right, the prices are going more and more down as there are plenty of proposals on the market, so people start choosing between a lot of options. To sell cars faster, the price drop from 15000 to 13000 or even 12000 usd.

So actually, from the earnings of 10 000 usd such business idea reach to 2000-3000 usd and also more extended in time.

And the cherry on the cake – the government which starts thinking about not allowing the import of cars which was considered a total loss. Which will make such business totally haveing no sense.

So from the great business idea to a trendy one in 2018, now in 2021, I would not suggest you think about such business at all.

But while it is trending, cant I catch some benefits still?

Actually, you can. But you must be ready right now, with money on your hands, to invest in a business. With all aware that the greatest period is already in past but still you can enter to the market and get some benefit for specific period only.

But most of the people, when ask about some “trendy” ideas, they still do not have money, they are not ready to invest, they just asking about options for the future, so maybe in 6 months or 1 year, they can finally reach Ukraine and start thinking about doing some business (which is trendy and guaranteed as or their belive).

Such a strategy will not work, unfortunately.

How to catch just potential trendy business?

Yes, that is the real great catch and to be able to detect a trendy idea, you should be innovative, knowledgeable, and feel the sense of which idea may really work great. YOu actually should be a pioneer and inventor of new business ideas.

Not everyone can do so but if you can – that would be the best.

As another option – you can get in touch with some business advisors, who are scanning the market trends, law changes, and opportunities, and let them notify you about potential business opportunities and describe your benefits and perspectives.

Anyway, investing in new opportunities still always has risks so you should be ready to accept such risk and from another side, do an evaluation of the situation by itself.

Where to invest in Ukraine?

And if you are not ready to take a risk and open new markets in Ukraine, we suggest you look at the fields of business that have stable but good demand on the market.

For that you should follow standard advice for someone who is starting a business: find your niche, decide why you are different, what are the advantages among competitors, and so on. Good preparation and market research – and you will have great business running with a stable income.

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Hidden Gem in Ukrainian village

Where to find houses with 2000-5000 usd? What you can find in deep Ukrainian village and how is life over there you can find in this video.

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Marriage with a foreigner in Ukraine

For registration  a marriage with a foreigner  is important to submit a certain package of documents to the regional department of state registration of civil status acts:

  • passport document (passport of both parties, where the passport of foreigner must be translated into Ukrainian with a notarial certificate, it is important to translate all pages);
  • Certificate of termination of previous marriage, obviously if it was (if such a document was issued in a foreign state it should be legalized and translated into Ukrainian );
  • a receipt for payment of a state duty;

It is worth remembering that since 2016  service is provided as a “marriage for a day”. On the practical side, without the help of lawyers, in one day to marry a foreigner – it is impossible.

Because, for a foreigner, the package of documents that must be submitted to the RACS, is much bigger than for a Ukrainian. For collecting all these documents you need at least 7 work days.

It is not a complicated procedure for marriage registration with a foreigner per day.

You need to properly prepare a package of documents, come with them in the registration office, and after brief communication with the head of the regional registration offices, the information about the foreigner is sent to the migration service  for checking whether the foreigner  is lawfully living in Ukraine.

This verification process will take approximately 6-10 work days. Only after that you can fill out an application and sign  an agreement with the company that implements the project “marriage for a day.”

Only after that, you will be able to get married and the next day to take the certificate of registration of the marriage.

As soon as this marriage union is registered, you can issue a temporary residence permit, and then, after two years of marital life, you can obtain a permanent residence permit. For what you only need to contact the local department of the migration service.

Features of making a marriage with a foreigner

It is worth considering that when registering a marriage with a foreigner has its own peculiarities. It is necessary to take into account all the intricacies of legislation, since they will depend on how quickly and effectively a person can get the status of legal marriage. For this reason, it is imperative to apply to an experienced lawyer to consult with all the necessary information. Also, our lawyers will accompany you to all government agencies in order to speed up the procedure in the shortest terms.

The law provides  that the marriage must be genuine. In this case, it is necessary to ensure that each spouse really   relationships, and not for the benefit. The fact is that in every state it is mandatory to check the marriage process, in order to avoid false or false marriages.

However, despite the ban, fictitious marriages with foreigners are very common. Their essence is that, for example, Ukrainians marry citizens of other countries, and after the marriage they get permission to permanent residence or even the citizenship of this state. Despite this tendency, very often foreigners are ready to marry Ukrainian citizens for immigration to Ukraine.

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Biggest mistakes you can make while visiting Ukraine

Sure unexperienced traveller can make a lot of mistakes in new country. Which mistakes you can do in Ukraine?

  1. Expect that people speak English. Yes, language barrier is a big problem, and you need to be ready that sometimes even in hotel and restaurant people can not speak English. Especially if you are not in Kiev. So prepare at least some online translator.
  2.  Come to Ukraine without booking hotel or apartment. If this is big city, for sure you will find some hotel. But first, you will spend money on taxi driving from one to another and asking about room, and second – the price can be high. The best places with the best prices are always booked in advance.
  3. Use international roaming. It will cost you so much, and still I am not sure about speed. Better to buy sim card with 20 GB internet for around 8$.
  4. Talk on the street to strangers. It’s very easy to determine foreigners among Ukrainians, so usually people which are coming to you – they want to scam you somehow.
  5. Expect that Ukrainian girls dream about marriage with foreigner. This is just huge marketing promotion from online dating websites. In reality a lot of guys got disappointed that girl don’t want to talk to them at all. even in night clubs.
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Rejection in Ukrainian visa. What to do?

What to do if you Failure to prove the purpose of the foreigner’s /stateless person’s intended stay in Ukraine? I am giving you possible options!

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Permanent residence permit

If a person plans to live for a long time on the territory of Ukraine, then a special permit from the state will be required for this. A residence permit gives you the right to live in Ukraine officially, but also requires certain rules.

How to obtain a permanent residence permit?

The law defined two main groups of persons who have the opportunity to obtain a permanent residence permit for a foreigner in Ukraine. The first includes those who have quotas, and the second includes immigrants without a quota. Who comes up with the first group?

  1. Representatives of culture.
  2. Specialists of high qualification.
  3. A person who has invested in Ukraine not less than one hundred thousand dollars of the United States of America.
  4. Relatives of a citizen.
  5. Husband and children of eighteen years of the person receiving permanent residence.
  6. Refugees three years after receiving asylum.

The list of those who don’t have quotas includes such groups of people who have a state interest. Each case is considered separately, but with the competent compilation of documents there is a high probability of receiving this document in the shortest possible time.

What are the benefits of a permanent residence permit in Ukraine?

The most important advantage of obtaining a certificate is that a person can come to Ukraine as soon as it is convenient. From now on, the terms of stay are no longer limited to 90 days and it is not necessary to make visas for entry into Ukraine. And also there is no need at all to get an appropriate permit at work placement.

Permanent residence opens up new opportunities. You can forget about the regular payment of the consular fee, about spending money on the medical insurance. As a result, a person will be tangible savings.

All these advantages open up a lot of new opportunities while living in Ukraine. However, each situation has its own characteristics, so there are always some questions about this. To find answers  for questions, you can consult our specialists on the phone numbers indicated on the site.

Is it possible to issue a residence permit if the person is outside the migration quota?

In addition to those who are granted a permit for immigration within the established quota, the legislation has grounds for the presence of which the residence permit is not limited to the quota.

These include:

  • marriage with a citizen of Ukraine, which lasted two years or more;
  • relatives of the first generation who are Ukrainian citizens;
  • Ukrainian diaspora or foreigners with confirmed roots in our country (foreign Ukrainians);
  • persons who are territorially from Ukraine;
  • foreign guardians or trustees who can documented the trusteeship or guardianship of Ukrainian citizens;
  • foreigners whose stay in Ukraine is important for Ukraine’s foreign and domestic policy.

All of these nuances can be further elucidated by our lawyer, or you can consult with the Migration Service. Each case is unique, and therefore it is necessary to correctly approach this question.

List of documents for issuing a permanent residence permit in Ukraine

  • passport (original for presentation);
  • Notarized translation of the passport page where the information about the person is indicated;
  • a permit for immigration (a copy of it must be submitted);
  • it is desirable to issue a visa type – D (optional);
  • a receipt for payment of state duty;
  • 4 photos 3.5 x 4.5 cm on a matte basis.

Verification of the submitted documents will continue during the first week, as a result, a decision is made to grant or refuse to provide a permanent residence permit.

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Difference between Ukraine and USSR

Older people still remember USSR instead of Russian, Ukraine and other countries and they know that people was poor and wild. So what is the main difference between Ukraine and USSR? I didn’t grown up in USSR, so it’s jst my opinion. please don’t quote me on that. See my list:

  1. Lack of goods. It was hard to buy a toilet paper even, so you understand… what you can thing about nice cosmetics, home appliances, furniture…  If now you want to buy a TV, you just need to choose which one you want to buy and than just earn money for that. In USSR you don’t have problem of choice. You save money, than sign up for queue, and when in one year the queue reach to you, you can go to show and buy that TV which will be available.
    For food it took less time. Just few hours in queue and you have milk, bread, soap or what you want.  Sure if it was available in the shop.
    Actually it was really a big problem. USSR didn’t import anything form other countries, and they didn’t produce anything for people also, because they was always preparing themselves for war. So all production was for war + maybe something for people.
  2. Bad service. They never smile to you in shop and ask: do you need some help? If you want to buy – give money. If you don’t want to buy – better for us. Go to hell. There was lack of products, don’t forget. Or come to restaurant and they give you dirty plate. Don’t like something – free the table.
  3. People was more proud of achievements of the USSR than their own achievements. You have to be proud that USSR was first in space, won the WW2, feed everybody around (other countries). SO if they ask you what are you proud of, you need to say that. You can not say that I am proud that I did some invention, or I have a good career. Good career? How you can think about career at all! It was really bad.
  4. No private business. Everything belong to country. You can’t have your own business or own a plant.
  5.   There was no freedom of talk. You can not criticize communistic party in any case. You can not make strike and demand some bonuses or some changes. It was not acceptable at all. Nowadays in Ukraine you can tell and criticize as much as you can.
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4 apps to learn foreign language (Ukrainian/Russian) as well

👉1. Duolingo. It's totally free app, but you can subscribe for Duolingo Plus to learn everything without advertisement. I guess this is the most popular app for studying language. If you already know the language a little bit, they can propose you to make test to see what is your level, and than start to develop your knowledge. There are many levels, actually very helpful really.

👉2. iTalki - this is service where you can talk with native speakers. Btw, also it is the way to make money for somebody who is searching for language teaching job. I will not tell you this is the way to get to know Ukrainian girls. This is not free, you need to pay for every lesson. But if you are really focusing to study Ukrainian or develop any other language, this is a great option. You choose the best price, teacher and time for your lessons and go ahead!

👉3. HelloTalk. Nice app as well, but not for learning from zero. You need to have some idea about language, and here you can improve your language skills. You can learn by chatting with native speakers for free, search for language exchange partners.

👉4. Memrise. Unfortunately they don't have Ukrainian language yet, they have Russian. But it is pretty good app, where you can find not only traditional language, but many local words, slang and so on.

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Do Ukrainians speak Russian?

Do Ukrainians speak Russian?

– Yes, all Ukrainians understand Russian. So if you h=are going to Ukraine with knowledge of Russian, you will be fine, don’t worry.

Now lets talk a little bit more.

Ukrainian and Russian languages are not the same. They are similar, because they belong to Slavic family, together with Polish, Czech, Slovenian and others. All people from Slavic countries somehow can get the idea of what they are talking about even without knowing the language.

But as Ukraine historically was a part of USSR, where official language was Russian, so everybody studied this language at school.

Nowadays in Ukraine official language is Ukrainian. And all official documents, schools are in Ukrainian. But still there are a lot of Russian media, Russian speaking people, and other language sources, so every Ukrainian, even if they never study this language, they start to know it in passive way. And as a result, everybody understand it.

Does everybody speak Russian? Well, still you can have situation when you ask people in Russian, but they answer you in Ukrainian. And it’s not because they are very patriotic. Just they don’t use it in life, and even if they understand it, it’s easier to answer in Ukrainian.