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Ukraine and Russia. Is that the same country? Or what is Ukraine exactly: region, old name, part, country?

Well, for the most impatient guys I will answer: Ukraine is an independent country.

Now lets go into more deep explanation.

During all historical period Russia and Ukraine was changing their borders, names of country and form of country. In 20 century both Russia, Ukraine and other countries was the part of Soviet Union with the center in Moscow.  But even in this Union both of them was like independent countries with their borders.

When Soviet Union collapsed (in 1991), we got countries called Ukraine, Russia and others.

Now Ukraine and Russia are 2 countries, and they are neighbors.

Official language in Ukraine is Ukrainian, In Russia – Russian. This is not the same, it’s 2 different languages.

Russia and Ukraine has different traditions and different national look.

You will find all souvenirs in both countries is different.

In Russia this is matroshka, samovar, vodka. From Ukraine it is pysanka, bulava, motanka, vyshyvanka. This is the things how you for sure can differentiate Ukraine from Russia.

Ukraine and Russia has different visa policies for foreigners: Ukraine doesn’t require visa from Americans, Canadians and European citizens. Russia demand visa from them all.







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