Company formation
900 USD


  • Passport translation
  • Registering power of attorney
  • Tax ID number
  • Creating company charter
  • Submitting papers to governmental receptionist
  • Registration fee
  • Temporary address for company registration
  • Opening bank account

    Work permit and employment
    800 USD

  • Temporary ukrainian director of company (before making owner a director)
  • Work permit
  • Government fee (450USD)
  • Changing Ukrainian director to non-resident director
  • Registration of agreement in Ukrainian unemployment department

    Temporary residence
    250 USD

  • Temporary residence card
  • Assistance with Ukrainian registration

Our company can help you in company formation in Ukraine.

Do I need to come to Ukraine for that?

It is not necessary. If you are not present in Ukraine, you can make notarial power of attorney on our representative and send it to Ukraine. We will do all the process for you.

How long does company registration take?

Company formation takes 2 days.  But to create a company, you need to have Ukrainian tax id.

If you don't have it yet, it will take additional 5 days to make a tax id, and then register a company.

Can I own company as a foreigner 100%?

Yes, you can be owner of the company.

Can I be a director of my company?

Yes, after you will get work permit to work in Ukraine as a director. Before that, the director must be a person who has work permit in Ukraine already (or Ukrainian citizen).

Can I get residence because of company formation in Ukraine?

No, you can get it only if you will be an employee in your company. Being just owner will not give you right to apply for temporary residence.

Which documents do I need to open a company in Ukraine?

You need to have a passport, translated to Ukrainian language, tax id, address for company registration.

When I can get a temporary residence, if I will open the company?

Ukrainian director apply for work permit for you. It can be done in 15 days.

Then you take that paper and go to Ukrainian embassy to issue the visa Type D. It take 10 days.

After you arrive to Ukraine with visa type D, we apply for temporary residence based on your employment in your own company. During 10 days you will get a temporary residence card.