4 apps to learn foreign language (Ukrainian/Russian) as well

👉1. Duolingo. It's totally free app, but you can subscribe for Duolingo Plus to learn everything without advertisement. I guess this is the most popular app for studying language. If you already know the language a little bit, they can propose you to make test to see what is your level, and than start to develop your knowledge. There are many levels, actually very helpful really.

👉2. iTalki - this is service where you can talk with native speakers. Btw, also it is the way to make money for somebody who is searching for language teaching job. I will not tell you this is the way to get to know Ukrainian girls. This is not free, you need to pay for every lesson. But if you are really focusing to study Ukrainian or develop any other language, this is a great option. You choose the best price, teacher and time for your lessons and go ahead!

👉3. HelloTalk. Nice app as well, but not for learning from zero. You need to have some idea about language, and here you can improve your language skills. You can learn by chatting with native speakers for free, search for language exchange partners.

👉4. Memrise. Unfortunately they don't have Ukrainian language yet, they have Russian. But it is pretty good app, where you can find not only traditional language, but many local words, slang and so on.

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