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Are you looking for a guide in Ukraine? We will organize your trip and will make you love Ukraine much more!

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Are you looking to meet a Ukrainian girl while visiting a country? We have special offer for you! Come to Ukraine and get to know local women as well!

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 What is Ukrainian Space?


We are a company which provides travel services and assistance in Ukraine. But we are also giving you nice information about Ukraine!

Our blog is dedicated to all things about Ukraine. In our articles we try to explain and reveal to you the very essence of our culture, our language, traditions, rules, and even some interesting places in Ukraine which you won’t want to pass by on your next visit. We offer invaluable advice for travelers while also throwing in some unique things about Ukraine that will surely make you laugh! So if you’re interested in discovering a new culture and enjoying a few laughs while doing it- feel free to read our blog and learn about what makes Ukraine…well, UKRAINE!!

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